Das CONCAR-EXPO Forum finden Sie in zentraler Lage der Messe. Hier bieten wir Ihnen ein zwei-tägiges Programm mit detaillierten Updates der innovativsten Lösungen der ausstellenden Firmen.

Tag 1 – 27. Juni | Moderation: Harry Evers, ITS Deutschland GmbH
10:00 AI for Autonomous Driving Leonhard Glas ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik GmbH
10:25 Camera-based 3D Mapping for Autonomous Vehicles Dr. Henning Lategahn, CEO Atlatec GmbH
10:50 Connected Car Safety Innovation – eCall Martin Albrink, Sales Manager 7layers
11:15 Intelligent Vehicle and Mobility Solutions from Finland Mikko Koskue, Program Director Finpro Oy
11:40 War Stories of a Cyber Veteran Michael Orlovsky, Vice President Product Arilou Technologies, Part of NNG Group
12:05 Safe and value-driven: New ways of using connected car data in analytics and IoT Dr. Nicolaus Gollwitzer, CEO Telefónica Germany NEXT GmbH
12:30 New criteria of data security – did your Company already wake up!? Thorsten Stuke, Managing Director m2m-tailors,eco Verband der Internetwirtschaft e.V.
12:55 XiL-on-Demand or how to bring your test system into the cloud Head of Domain “Tools & Inrastructure”, Business Development, Productmanagement, Sales in-tech GmbH
13:20 Interior Cocoon - A user centric Approach Moritz von Grotthuss, CEO gestigon GmbH - a Valeo brand
13:45 Panel Discussion: Car Hacking: The biggest threat to autonomous driving? Chris Loreskar, Trustonic; Kully Johal,GBR14 ; Michael Orlovsky, Arilou Cyber Security , NNG; Andy Davis,NCC Group; Stephen Mann,CCAV  
14:45 The endless possibilities with INVERS Shared Mobility OS Peter Schneidermann, Project Manager INVERS GmbH
15:10 Cloud-based fleet management for test vehicles Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Adrian Bertl, Department Manager b-plus GmbH
15:35 WM Special: World-Cup Russia    
18:00 End of Day 1 at ConCarExpo    
Tag 2 – 28. Juni
09:00 Creating Smart Cities Through Electric Free Float Car Sharing Anders Wall, Chief International Officer GreenMobility A/S
09:25 Securely and Safely Consolidating the Cockpit and Communications Chris Tubbs, Business Development Director, EMEA Green Hills Software GmbH
09:50 Performance of Intrusion Detection on Deeply Embedded Systems Jochen Decker, CEO easycore
10:15 Always up-to-date HD maps for automated cars Frans de Rooij, Investment Advisor ICT, Business Sweden, Joel Görsch, Investment Advisor Automotive, Business Region Göteborg TomTom
10:40 Sweden – A leader in future mobility? Joel Görsch, Investment Advisor Automotive Business Sweden, Region Göteborg
11:05 Modern and optimized transportation planning Mr. Jouko Nieminen CEO NFleet
11:30 Secure and precise positioning: a key to success for autonomous driving Alberto Fernández-Wyttenbach, Market Innovation Officer European GNSS Agency
11:55 Solutions for V2X test and validation for the connected car Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Axel Meinen, Technical Sales Manager, Gerd Schmitz, CEO S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH
12:20 SPADeye2 – High-sensitive SPAD detector for LiDAR applications Dr. Jennifer Ruskowski, Team Leader Research & Development Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems (IMS)
12:45 Microchip Technology GmbH TBC TBC
13:05 From production lines into the cockpit – Voice control in mission-critical applications Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf. (BA) Andreas Kwiatkowski, CEO, Dipl.-Inf. (BA), Farhoud Cheraghi SoundReply GmbH, Cologne
13:30 Panel Discussion: Real World Connected and Autonomous Vehicle in Europe today: Case Studies, Regulation, Funding Julian Turner, Westfield; Lewis Mat, Synaptiv; Ümit Eroglu, CloudMade; Michael Zimmermann,Ensilica; Holger Weiss , German Autolabs; Valimaki Mikko, Tuxera  
14:30 Validation of connected car and automated driving functions within the digitally protocol route DIGINET-PS Heiko Ehrich, Head of Department TÜV NORD Mobilität GmbH & Co. KG
14:55 Connected Sensor System with stretchable electronics Tytti Julkunen Forciot
15:20 Training data is key for Autonomous Driving Daniele Packard/Kirk Boydston Samasource, The Hague
17:00 End of ConCarExpo 2018