The automotive revolution trade show: CONCAR-EXPO 2018

The megatrends in the automotive industry are the fast developments in automated driving and the networked vehicle. Car2Car, Car2X, Car2mobile are increasingly gaining in importance.

The development departments of automotive manufacturers and suppliers are working on innovations with the potential to change the long-term future of mobility. Increased driving comfort, safety, and the efficient use of resources are only one aspect here. Questions about data protection and the handling of data streams generated by networked vehicles also need to be addressed, as do ease of operation and user-friendliness of infotainment and entertainment offers from the field of consumer electronics.

Technologically, the networked vehicle offers a huge host of challenges, but also market opportunities which require the willingness of all stakeholders to act across industry boundaries.

CONCAR-EXPO 2018 – the platform for new and technical Car Connectivity solutions

The Association of German Engineers (VDI), as a neutral spokesperson for engineers, is therefore organising the ConCarExpo thus provides automotive manufacturers and suppliers with the platform to present their technical solutions, to establish new business models and to exchange ideas across industries!