B-Sprouts is an international Incubator and Accelerator who supports entrepreneurs and start-ups sprout their ideas and businesses to flourish in the market. B-Sprouts is based in Brussels at the heart of Europe, with connections that spread out to other cities around the world. Through B-Sprouts, international talent is being attracted to Brussels, exciting new companies are guided and accelerated towards success at B-Sprouts. 


Bitkom is the Digital Association of Germany. The Bitkom represents more than 2,300 companies in the digital economy. Its members include 1,000 SMEs, 300 start-ups and almost all global players.

Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA)

The Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA) is a non-profit organisation with the aim of furthering the interaction of companies concerned with vehicle communication and promoting their interests.

inno2grid GmbH

inno2grid GmbH works in projects alongside partners from industry and scientific research to materialize integrated energy and mobility solutions. A case in point is the Micro Smart Grid (MSG) on the EUREF-Campus. It serves as a platform for testing integrated technical Solutions and demonstrates the possibilities of renewable energy production, batteries and load management with the involvement of electric cars as a buffer storage medium. Although the energy transition (“Energiewende”) and its goals have been defined already, transformation in the transport sector is vital for the objectives to be realized. The revolutionary transformations in energy and transport sector thereby go hand in hand. However, there are hardly any concrete examples of how regenerative decentralized energy supplies in conjunction with innovative mobility has been duly represented. We assist in bringing different perspectives of consumers, energy suppliers and infrastructure managers in accordance and unison. At the same time, the physical interconnection of renewable energy powered grids with electric mobility is being tested and verified in practice.

ITS Deutschland

ITS Deutschland GmbH's purpose is to bundle and internationally represent nationwide interests in the mobility sector. The core topics here are the promotion of research and development, the introduction and development of intelligent transport systems for improving road safety, and the improvement of mobility and efficiency in dealing with the ever-increasing traffic. The aim here is to exploit the potential of intelligent transport systems in order to promote inter-modality and make the transport of people and goods more environmentally friendly and economical.

Association of German Engineers

With 154,000 members, the VDI is the largest engineering association in Germany. As the third largest regulating authority, it is a partner for German economy and science.

Hackathon Partner

Created in 2010, BeMyApp is an international agency specialised in developer relations and organising events in the IT and mobile apps field. Our leitmotiv : be an innovation catalyst by linking large corporations and independants.



Media Partners

Partner for Mobility